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PU Paints

PU Paints

PU Paints first gained a very slow precedence in India only in the early 1990s. Since then, PU coatings are the next big thing in India where a lot of industries and decorative segments opting for them because of their unique characteristics. After the boom of epoxies, it is now the turn of Polyurethane coatings to take the market by storm, and currently only a handful of companies can claim to have good quality PU paints, and Huekkor Paints can proudly claim to be one of them.

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There are various types of PU paints available in the market based on the chemistry of the base and curing agent, but we at Huekkor Paints, believe only in quality and strive to provide the best PU experience to our clients and hence provide only a premium range of PU coatings. Before we can understand the distinction between different types of PU coatings, it is important to have a clear understanding of the basic fundamentals of Polyurethane paints.

PU paints, as mentioned before are composed of a polyol i.e. the base and a polyisocyanate i.e. the curing agent. There are basically three types of polyols i.e.

  • Polyether Polyols
  • Polyester Polyols
  • Acrylic Polyols

Acrylic & polyester polyols are preferred for harder coatings and have superior weatherability. Of course, at the end, the performance of the coating depends on the hydroxyl value of the polyol coupled with what kind of isocyanate is used with the right mix of additives & solvents. Acrylic polyols moreover, exhibit good resistance to chemical & environmental conditions and have good UV resistance, which means its colour doesn’t fade easily. The source of hydroxyl groups in acylic polyols id the radical copolymerisation reactions of acrylic monomers, which is why they have higher molecular weights and are preferred for high performance PU coatings.

Next comes the polyisocyanate. When it comes to these, there are basically two different types viz.,

  • Aliphatic
  • Aromatic

Polyurethane coatings based on aromatic diisocyanates, tend to exhibit yellowing when exposed to sunlight which means they don’t have good UV resistance. They are hence cheaper and are used as primers and basecoats. There are however many companies selling PU paints as topcoats using this aromatic isocyanates to reduce costs.

Aliphatic isocyanates on the other hand exhibit good UV resistance, and hence display non-yellowing characteristics when exposed to sunlight. They moreover tend to have better gloss & colour retention and are suitable for outdoor applications too.

It is thus wise to have this basic knowledge about PU paints, and to know that not all PU coatings are the same. Be sure to study the product you buy carefully before choosing the brand.

Benefits of PU Coatings

  • Durable
    PU paints are known to have tough, durable and long last films, making them ideal for a variety of uses including industrial & decorative applications. They have good abrasion resistance along with excellent resistance to harsh environmental & industrial conditions
  • Flexibility
    Along with forming a strong, tough layer, PU coatings are extremely flexible in nature. This is one of the most unique selling points of Polyurethanes which makes them extremely useful. They are thus also preferred in wood coatings as the warping or contraction & expansion of wood doesn’t affect the coating. This also holds true for metal substrates as well.
  • UV Resistance
    Another great advantage of using PU paints is their resistance to UV, making them an ideal option for exterior coatings. They also have excellent colour & gloss retention making them last much longer than conventional coatings of epoxies and enamels.
  • Anti-corrosion properties
    PU coatings are also an excellent option for anti-corrosive paints. Since they have a strong adhesion on the metal substrate, they form a near impenetrable layer, thus restricting corrosion from forming.
  • Aesthetics
    PU coatings form a clean, aesthetically pleasing, smooth finish. They are available in both glossy & matt finishes and are a class apart from other coatings.


PU coatings are an ideal choice if you are looking for a premium product that looks rich and lasts long exhibiting the above advantages. It is also wise, that if you do choose to go for a PU coating, to look out for distinctions between the different types of polyols & isocyanates used to make the paint. As mentioned earlier, not all PU paints are of the same quality and not all of them will have superior UV resistance or colour & gloss retention. To check out pigmented PU coatings for metal & wood substrates visit here . And to check out PU clear coatings for wood substrates click here.

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