Epoxy Paints / Epoxy Primers

Epoxy Paints / Epoxy Primers

Epoxy Paints / Epoxy Primers

There has been a steady transition from conventional oil based / enamel paints to epoxy paints in India for some time now especially in the industrial sector. Epoxy paints, even the single component epoxy coatings, are extremely durable, chemical, stain & corrosion resistant. Epoxy paints are excellent anti-corrosive paints basically consisting of epoxy resins, extenders, solvents, anti-corrosive pigments in the base and a hardener, generally a polyamide. Nowadays, there are also single pack epoxy paints available in the market that don’t require hardeners to be mixed and can be used right out of the tin.

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Advantages of Epoxy paints / primers

  • Anti-corrosionEpoxy primers & paints have excellent anti-corrosion properties that is derived not only from the anti-corrosive pigments added but also inherent from epoxy resins as well. However, not all epoxy resins exhibit the same anti-corrosive properties with some offering far less depending on their quality. It is thus imperative to choose the right brands, keeping in mind that not all epoxy paints render the same level of anti-corrosion properties. Good quality epoxy paints can withstand prolonged hours of salt spray resistance as well, especially two-pack epoxy paints, due to cross linking polymerisation reactions forming a tough, durable & impenetrable layer to prevent any moisture or contaminant seepage into the coating.
  • Chemical resistance
    Epoxy primers / paints are an ideal choice for industrial locations where steel structures are pone to damaging chemicals, solvents, acids etc. They are surprisingly resistant to these contaminants and offer an added level of protection to the steel structures holding everything in place.
  • Durability
    Epoxy coatings are extremely durable in nature having much better life compared to conventional coatings. They last longer, despite harsh environmental & industrial conditions they are exposed to
  • Abrasion resistance
    Epoxy coatings are also very resistance to abrasion and impacts because of the tough nature of their film making them the perfect choice for anti-corrosive, long-lasting coatings.
  • Aesthetics
    Epoxy paints, apart from their many functional advantages, look aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, because of their superior corrosion resistance, the absence of rust / corrosion from substrates, even after considerable durations after applying the coating, gives a pleasing look to it.

How to choose the best product

As mentioned earlier, there are many brands in the market selling epoxy primers / paints. It is important to look for key metrics like salt spray resistance, corrosion resistance, scratch hardness resistance, cross cut adhesion performance and the like before you choose which brand to go for. HuePrime™ Plus Epoxy coatings offer one of the best performances in these key metrics to deliver you the promise of true epoxy coatings. Our products go well above par and offer superior corrosion resistance along with excellent abrasion, chemical resistance. You can browse through our range of products here.

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